General Terms & Conditions

The General Terms & Conditions (GTC) contain the terms and conditions between Minup Informatikai Kkt.

  • The short name of the company is Minup Informatikai Kkt.
  • Company name: Minup Informatikai Közkereseti Társaság
  • Product name: Minup (online calendar and appointment booking system)
  • The company is located at 1074 Budapest Csengery utca 24. 3/28
  • Company registration number: 01-03-025979
  • Tax number: 27399664-1-42.
  • VAT: HU27399664. 
  • Lead bank account: Revolut Bank UAB
  • Bankszámlaszám: LT303250094195311168
  • Representative: Ádám Gyula Marjai
  • Email: [email protected] 

as the Service Provider and the Customer for the use of the Minup online calendar and appointment booking system. 

The contract between Minup Informatikai Kkt. (hereinafter referred to as the “Service Provider”) and the Customer for the use of the above mentioned product is concluded upon the acceptance of the Service Provider’s offer during registration without any changes. The conclusion of the contract also confirms the Customer’s acceptance of the GTC.

The use of the Minup appointment booking system starts with the registration of the Customer, after which the Service Provider begins to provide the service.

The Service Provider reserves the right to unilaterally modify the GTC. The Service Provider will inform the Customers about the modification of the GTC in the form of a short notice.

The Service Provider shall ensure that the current text of the GTC is permanently available to all Customers at

1. Minup appointment booking system Free version

The Free version of the online appointment booking system operated by the Service Provider (Minup Free) is available free of charge to all those who are validly registered on the Minup website, as well as to persons or entities with legal capacity.

By registering, the Customer acknowledges that.

  • A person over 18 years of age and able to act or
  • a representative of a business organization,
  • and in each case registers in their own name or the entity they represent, providing their real details and contact information.

The Customer may not use the Minup appointment booking system to support a business that is engaged in illegal activities. The Service Provider, if it becomes aware that the data provided by the Customer (also) contains elements that are not true, is entitled to refuse registration or to restrict access to the Customer’s account partially or completely, or to exclude the Customer from using the Minup online service.

The data entered during the free use of Minup will be available to the Customer and may be exported at the Customer’s request. The Service Provider shall process the personal data entered into the appointment booking system on the basis of the Customer’s order made by registering for Minup for the purpose of performing the contract.

2. Requesting Minup Pro trial

The paid version of the online appointment booking system operated by the Service Provider (Minup Pro) can be tried free of charge for 14 days (for testing and familiarisation purposes) for all those who register for the 14-day trial period of Minup Pro on the Minup admin interface, as well as for persons or business entities with legal capacity.

Valid registration requires the provision of billing and credit card details. During the 14-day trial period, the Customer will not be charged any fees. If the Customer decides that he/she no longer wishes to use Minup Pro, he/she may cancel the service at any time during the trial period without giving any reason and without any extra charges. If he/she does not cancel the service after 14 days, the subscription fee will be automatically deducted from the credit card provided at the time of registration, which will be repeated every month until he/she cancels the service.

The Customer may activate Minup Pro trial only once. If the Customer wishes to use Minup Pro after the trial period has expired or is cancelled, he/she has to pay the subscription fee.

3. Subscription fee

The subscription fee for Minup Pro is paid in advance by the Customer to the Service Provider. The subscription fee is paid to the Customer on a monthly basis and it’s visble to all on the website.

The amount paid will be kept by the Service Provider and the Customer will receive a monthly statement of the current balance. The Customer may initiate the payment online by credit card to Minup Informatikai Kkt. Payment. The subscription is due from the end of the 14-day trial period.
Minup Pro os a software-as-a-service, which includes the ongoing operation of the software, subsequent upgrades and the storage of daily data backups.

The Customer shall make the payment in Euros to the Service Provider’s account. The subscription fee is exempt from VAT.

In the event of late payment, the Service Provider reserves the right to limit (suspend) the service in whole or in part upon expiry of the invoice payment deadline. Subscription plans are available at:

The Service Provider undertakes to issue an electronic invoice to the customer. The Customer accepts the electronic invoicing system.

4. Obligations of the Service Provider

The Service Provider shall provide the Customer with the operation of the Customer’s online service as defined in the GTC, which is available as an online service, from 0-24 hours. Minup guarantees that the data entered by the Customer will not be disclosed to unauthorized persons and will be handled in accordance with its Privacy Policy.

If, due to the Customer’s delay in providing information or for any other reason, the Service Provider is unable to meet the availability agreed in the General Terms and Conditions due to circumstances beyond its control, the Service Provider shall inform the Customer thereof without delay.

The Service Provider is obliged to inform the Customer immediately of any circumstance of which it becomes aware that would prevent or hinder the performance of the service.

Regular maintenance causing a temporary interruption of service shall not exceed 4 hours at a time. Regular maintenance shall not exceed 40 hours per six months. In addition to the maintenance specified above, the Service Provider shall be entitled to carry out maintenance that causes a breakdown between midnight and 12.30 a.m. every day. The Service Provider may carry out maintenance that does not entail an interruption of the Service for an unlimited period. Regular maintenance time that causes a temporary interruption of the Service shall not be counted in the calculation of the availability time.

The Service Provider shall inform the Customer of regular maintenance work requiring a temporary interruption of the Service at least 24 hours before the work is to begin, in accordance with the rules on contact. In the notification, the Service Provider shall state the purpose of the regular maintenance work, when the interruption is expected to occur and for how long.

4.1. Limitation of liability

The Service Provider shall not be liable or responsible for the behavior of its Customers with their own customers or third parties. 

The Service Provider shall not be liable for any damage, primarily caused by computer viruses, caused to the Customer’s computer equipment or other property during access, use of the System, opening of sent Email messages. The Service Provider shall also not be liable for the unavailability, slow operation or loss of data, missed appointments due to the fault of the System and the Internet Service Provider. For customers who do not show up at the agreed time, undelivered Email messages, reminders.

By registering free of charge, the Customer acknowledges and accepts that changes may be implemented in the Free version of Minup and that possible system errors may occur. By registering, the Customer expressly accepts that the Service Provider shall not be liable for any damages caused by possible system errors and other disruptions, including the damages indicated above.

The Service Provider shall not be liable for any conduct (in particular for damages) resulting from the unprofessional, unlawful or unlawful use of the website (System) – service, or for the Customer’s financial benefit, loss of financial benefit or loss of profit, which the Customer had hoped for by using the service.

In the performance of this contract, the Service Provider shall have no obligation (liability) to detect and correct any incorrect data recording by the Customer, or to search for and correct any resulting errors.

The contents of the Website and the appointment booking system (e.g. text, data, video, audio, images, etc. – hereinafter referred to as “Materials”), excluding the Materials provided by the Customers to the Service Provider, are the exclusive intellectual property of Minup and may be used, whether online, in print or in any other way, only with the prior consent (permission) of Minup. Parts of the Website and the appointment booking system may be saved or printed for individual (personal) use only. This authorisation does not, however, constitute consent (permission) to reproduce, distribute, make available (downloadable), store in a database or adapt in any way the downloaded material for commercial purposes. The images on the Website and in the booking system may not be used by third parties without express permission. Their use without authorisation is a violation of copyright and personal rights protection legislation.

5. Obligations of the Customer

The Customer is obliged to accept Minup’s contractual performance, and the Customer is obliged to provide Minup with the cooperation necessary for the performance of this service.

The Customer declares that they are aware of the rules for sending mail via the Internet. The Service Provider is not responsible for the content of the data traffic generated during the use of the service. The Service Provider shall be entitled to limit (suspend) the service in whole or in part if the Customer violates the interests of third parties or the applicable legislation by using the system.

For maintenance purposes, the Minup operator’s personnel are entitled to log into the Customer’s Minup appointment booking system.

6. Code of conduct

By accepting the GTC, the Customer acknowledges the following:

6.1. Zero tolerance for sending SPAM

Minup has a zero-tolerance approach to spam. According to the internationally accepted definition, all bulk and unsolicited emails, including permission request emails, are considered spam.

According to the Hungarian legal regulations on electronic advertising [Act CVIII of 2001 (Ekertv.) and Act XLVIII of 2008 (Grt.)], electronic advertising may only be sent by electronic mail or equivalent means of individual communication (e.g. SMS, MMS, fax, e-mail) to a person who has given his or her prior, clear and express consent.

The Service Provider shall not be liable for the sending of unsolicited newsletters and SMS by the Customer to its customers through or outside the Minup system.

The Customer undertakes not to use the personal and other contact data collected in the Minup appointment booking system to send unsolicited newsletters.

7. Technical conditions

Minup is a SaaS (Software as a Service) web-based appointment booking software service that requires Internet connection. You can log in to the software via the website

7.1. Conditions for registration

  • Broadband internet connection;
  • Windows, Firefox 10.0+, Google Chrome 20.0+, Microsoft Edge 79+, or compatible internet browser;
  • A computer or smartphone or tablet capable of running the above internet browser;
  • Active Username and password;

7.2. Conditions of work and use

  • The conditions for registration are met;
  • Valid registration.

8. Availability

Minup guarantees that the software it provides will meet the 0-24 hour service level with 95% availability per year. This gives Minup a maximum downtime of 18.25 days per year. Planned and announced maintenance periods are not included in this time interval.

9. Data backup

Minup guarantees security to prevent data loss due to hardware failures and environmental disasters. The web server has a mirrored, redundant hard disk solution and uninterruptible power supply. All the data stored on the web server is backed up at midnight every day, containing the entire Minup Database for recovery in the event of a system crash.

It is the Customer’s responsibility to keep his/her password secure. Minup accepts no liability for this or any damage resulting from it.

10. Confidentiality, data protection

Minup undertakes to protect and safeguard, as trade secrets, confidential data, confidential data, information, confidential information, documents, which come to its knowledge in the course of the provision of the service, and will make every effort to ensure that they are properly protected.

The Service Provider and the Customer may use confidential data and confidential information only for the purpose of performing the service, and may disclose data and information of which they become aware only with the prior written consent of the other party, unless disclosure is required by law.

The Service Provider undertakes that all data and information provided to it under these GTC shall be considered trade secrets, shall be treated as such and shall be kept confidential, and shall not be disclosed to third parties or used for any purpose other than that specified in the GTC.

The above confidentiality obligation shall remain in force for the duration of the service and indefinitely after its termination for any reason.

The Customer shall be fully responsible for the use of any service accessed through its password. The Customer shall be fully liable for the confidentiality of his password. The Customer acknowledges and accepts that he/she shall compensate the Provider for all damage caused by him in connection with the use of the service and the services provided by him in relation to the use of the appointment booking system. The Service Provider shall not be liable for the services provided by the Customer to third parties, including the quality of the services, data management in connection with the services, tax obligations, licensing obligations. The Service Provider agrees to compensate the Customer for any damage incurred by the Customer as a result of the non-compliance of the services provided by the Service Provider with the law. 

The Service Provider shall treat the personal data provided by the Customer within the framework of the voluntary provision of data confidentiality, and shall use it only for the identification of individual Customers and to the extent necessary for the performance of the service, for the successful performance and in accordance with the provisions of Article 13/A of Act CVIII of 2001 on certain issues of electronic commerce services and information society services. By entering into this Agreement, the Customer also gives its consent to the use of its personal data as set out in this Agreement.

The Service Provider shall delete the Customer’s personal data immediately upon the Customer’s request. If the Customer does not request deletion, Minup shall store the Customer’s data for 30 days after termination of the contract.

10.1. Use of log entries

The website uses so-called log entries, which include the Internet Protocol (IP) address, the type of browser used by the Customer, the Internet Service Provider (ISP), date/time stamp, the address of the referring and exit pages and the number of clicks during the visit to the Website.

The purpose of the former is to help the Service Provider to analyze visiting habits in order to improve the management and administration of the Website. The data stored in the log entries cannot be linked in any way to a specific natural person.

Minup uses so-called anonymous visitor identifiers (cookies) on its website and appointment booking system.

By accepting the GTC, the Customer acknowledges and accepts the aforementioned applications and the data management and operations related to them.

10.2. Use of the Service in public places

If the Customer uses the Minup system in a public place (e.g. Internet café, etc.), he/she must take special care to protect the data (password protection) in addition to the security measures implemented in the system.

If there is a possibility that others may have access to the computer used by the Customer, it is recommended that the following security steps are taken:

  • Do not allow temporary internet files to be stored in the browser
  • Make sure no one is watching you when you enter your password
  • Do not disclose your password under any circumstances
  • If you feel that unauthorized people have found out your password, change it
  • Never leave a computer unattended where you are in the process of using Minup
  • Always exit Minup by using the “Log out” button rather than closing the browser window

11. Force majeure

Force majeure means any extraordinary event occurring after the conclusion of the contract which makes performance impossible, which could not have been foreseen or avoided by the contracting parties and which is not attributable to the fault of either party. Such events may include, in particular: states of emergency, strikes, war, sudden death, terminal illness, revolution, acts of terrorism, natural disasters, fires, floods, epidemics, quarantine restrictions, embargoes on transport, etc. In the event of force majeure, both parties shall be released from their obligation to perform the contract.

12. Cases of termination of the contract

The contract may be terminated by either party without giving any reason by giving 15 days’ notice in writing to [email protected] and by sending an e-mail to the e-mail address provided by the Customer. In this case, Minup will assist and provide the Customer with the data recorded by the Customer in the System in CSV or JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) format within 15 working days and without any charge (if necessary).

Minup may terminate the contract with immediate effect in the following cases:

  • force majeure exceeding 60 days;
  • if the Customer is in serious breach of the provisions of the contract;
  • if the Customer behaves in a manner that is detrimental to the legitimate interests of Minup – or of individual Customers – and in particular to Minup’s reputation, or if, as a result of his/her behavior, Minup cannot be expected to continue to perform the contract;
  • if it is subsequently found that the data provided by the Customer during registration are not accurate or do not comply with the provisions of the GTC;
  • if the Customer otherwise misleads Minup.

Extraordinary termination of the contract can only be made in writing, by sending an email to the email address provided by the defaulting party during registration. The Customer is the owner of the data recorded in the Minup system, so in the event of termination of the contract by either party, Minup will make the data entered available to the Customer free of charge and within 5 working days in CSV or JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) format, as soon as the Customer settles its account.

The parties shall be fully settled with each other upon termination of the contract.

13. Settlement of disputes

If you have any complaints, you can contact Minup using one of the following contact details: phone:+36204205112 email: [email protected]

By telephone, Customers can contact Minup’s customer service between 10:00 and 16:00 CET on weekdays.

The Service Provider and the Customer shall make every effort to settle by direct negotiations any disagreement or dispute that may arise between them within the framework of or in connection with this contract.

The parties are mutually obliged to inform each other of any circumstances arising after the conclusion of the contract which prevent the performance of the contract immediately after they become aware of them.

If the parties concerned are unable to settle their dispute arising under or in connection with the contract within 60 days of the opening of the said direct negotiations, the relevant provisions of the Civil Procedure Act in force at the time shall be applied in the choice of the court having jurisdiction and venue.

Budapest, 2022.11.28

Minup reserves the right to amend and supplement this statement.